In 2011, a chance meeting with James Davidson at a pot luck dinner club sparked a conversation between the two of us about the art of distilling. At the time, James was interested in whiskey production.  He had studied distilling after learning his father might be interested in opening a distillery.  He didn’t mention anything to me about his distilling aspirations, but had heard I had a reputation throughout Texas for excellence in winemaking.  We began to meet regularly at the dinner club, often discussing French rums, a style which was unknown to James at the time.

We excitedly began researching the production and history of rums, trading messages frequently from different spots around the globe on the different rums we came across.  We searched for the best rums available in the US, France and the Caribbean – always learning more and more about the style we wanted to produce.  We quickly set off to collaborate on making our own rums using barrels from my winery. 

After 2 years of experimenting with imported French Oak, James perfected a formula that I feel simulates some of the highest quality rums we had come across over the years.  We looked for a spot to open and after 2 years have found the perfect location in the Texas Hill Country.  We are excited to announce our partnership with Austin-based entrepreneur Stephanie Houston.  A long time industry friend of mine from Dallas, I’m confident her extensive business background will complete our team. 

Together we are proud to bring you Hye Rum – a French inspired rum from the Texas Hill Country.  A bientôt ~Benjamin Calais, President, Hye Rum

Now Open.  Visit the distillery for a tour, tastings and cocktails.

Master craftsman.  Knows a thing or two about rum and wine.

Benjamin Calais

Head Distiller.  Rum artist.  Master Tour Guide.

James Davidson

Austin-based entrepreneur.  Always doing something.  Always has ideas.

Stephanie Houston

Why Choose Us?

Carefully Crafted in Texas

Our rums are carefully crafted using the highest quality non-GMO molasses and French Oak to keep all of our spirits intact.  From the spirit to the bottle, we strive to bring you the best rums fermented, distilled and bottled in Hye, Texas.

Traditional Methods & Jamaican-Inspired

Traditionally made from molasses and double-distilled in a copper pot still over an open flame for maximum flavor, body and texture.  Our distillers keep the spirit intact from the still to the bottle.

Experience the Distillery

Visit our tasting room in Hye to experience our rums or craft cocktails made from scratch.  Available wholesale for restaurants and bars throughout Texas.  Request Hye Rum at your favorite spot.
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11247 Hwy. 290, West

Hye, TX 78635


Thursday: 12pm – 5pm      Friday: 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 12pm – 6pm        Sunday 12pm – 5pm

Available Wholesale for Restaurants and Bars